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COVID-19 threw us a bit of a curve ball, but we have officially (and finally) moved out of the Library building! We handed the keys over to Clark Construction on June 15, and they are now hard at work on the renovation.

We are unpacking and settling in at Courtland Center. It’s a bit of a process, and things are still in process as to when we can open to the public and how. But the good news is that we are now in our temporary space, and the renovation has begun at Kearsley Street. This is a good feeling!

We are very eager to serve the public in person again. We will let everyone know the moment that is a reality. In the meantime, we continue to answer calls and emails, and make services available online. Check them out at!

The Boxes are Moving!

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Our moving process has resumed, and that is great news!  However, due to the COVID-19 delays, we are about eight weeks behind schedule.

We started to transfer books to Courtland Center on May 26.  We should wrap up that part of the process in mid-June.  Then we need to unpack, obtain our Certificate of Occupancy, and prepare a good plan for delivering services during an ongoing health crisis.  That’s the hard part!

We’re working as hard and as fast as we can to open FPL at Courtland Center.  We miss our patrons!  Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or sign up to receive email updates via

The Checkered Flag is Out!

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Now that construction and packing/moving companies are open for business, we will resume the packing process the week of May 11.  While we finish packing at Kearsley Street, Clark Construction will wrap up the work on our temporary location at Courtland Center.  We hope to start moving the furniture and shelving by mid-May. Once we have a certificate of occupancy for our temporary location, we can start moving the books and the staff into place. We don’t know when the State will allow libraries to open to the public.

We do know that we’re very eager to start serving you in person again! We will continue to update you as we have concrete news to share.

We Still Have Forward Momentum!

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Here are some of the exciting things related to our building transformation that are happening behind the scenes.

  • Our construction manager, Clark Construction, has sent out bid requests for many elements of our project.  They will be evaluating those responses and selecting the sub-contractors. This is exciting, because it means we will be ready to start  construction as soon as conditions allow.
  • Our Information Technology team is working on the new technology we will need.  This includes updates to some existing systems, but also new tools like self-checkout.
  • We are hoping to have a ground-breaking ceremony sometime this summer.  It would be fabulous to have a large gathering, although we realize that may not be possible.  But regardless, we will give you some way to celebrate with us as shovels go in the dirt!
  • Clark Construction is also nearing completion on our temporary space at Courtland Center. After the Stay Home order is lifted, they will finish the work so we can move into our temporary home.  Once we are settled, we will announce an opening date.
We are looking forward to seeing all of you again!

Construction Pauses During COVID-19 Shutdown

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We were making excellent progress on packing and moving until March 23, when Governor Whitmer issued her executive order mandating a shutdown.  Per that order, all work has currently stopped, both in our existing building and in our temporary space.

So what does COVID-19 mean for our renovation project?  At this point in time, it is simply causing a delay.  Nothing has changed with our funding or our plans.  We just have to move the schedule out in proportion to how long this shutdown lasts.  We can’t estimate a time frame with any degree of confidence until the executive order has been lifted and we can get back to work.   

That means we do not yet have a date by which we plan to move into our temporary space at Courtland Center.  We’ll let you know as soon as possible.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Renovation Kickoff Party/Last Day of Service

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Our last day of service at Kearsley Street prior to the renovation will be Saturday, February 29, 2020.  We’ll be open during our regular hours (9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.). We’re also having a special Renovation Kickoff Party from 12:00-4:00pm that day. Please drop in and say goodbye to FPL! Enjoy music, refreshments, entertainment, story times, TechStudiOH! and the Friends Used Book Sale.  Share your memories while you learn more about our renovation.

Temporary Library Location Selected

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Flint Public Library will be moving to a temporary location during the renovation of the Main Library building on Kearsley Street.  Our last day of service at Kearsley Street will be Saturday, February 29, 2020.  We will then be packing up and moving operations to Courtland Center (4190 E Court St, Burton).  The exact opening date at the temporary location has yet to be determined, but we anticipate it happening sometime in early May.

Local Funders Announce Lead Gifts

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After more than two-thirds of Flint voters said yes to funding a Flint Public Library renovation, three local foundations announced more than $16 million in financial support for the upcoming project.  The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, which made an initial grant of $1.2 million in August, now will grant an additional $13.8 million. The Ruth Mott Foundation will grant $1 million, and the Community Foundation of Greater Flint will grant $50,000.