Here are some of the exciting things related to our building transformation that are happening behind the scenes.

  • Our construction manager, Clark Construction, has sent out bid requests for many elements of our project.  They will be evaluating those responses and selecting the sub-contractors. This is exciting, because it means we will be ready to start  construction as soon as conditions allow.
  • Our Information Technology team is working on the new technology we will need.  This includes updates to some existing systems, but also new tools like self-checkout.
  • We are hoping to have a ground-breaking ceremony sometime this summer.  It would be fabulous to have a large gathering, although we realize that may not be possible.  But regardless, we will give you some way to celebrate with us as shovels go in the dirt!
  • Clark Construction is also nearing completion on our temporary space at Courtland Center. After the Stay Home order is lifted, they will finish the work so we can move into our temporary home.  Once we are settled, we will announce an opening date.
We are looking forward to seeing all of you again!