Frequently Asked Questions

About the Millage Renewal

Does Flint Public Library receive money from the Arts & Cultural Enrichment millage that passed in 2018?

No.  The Library is located in the Cultural Center campus, and many people think that we receive funding through that millage.  However, we do not receive any of that funding.

Will my tax bill change if this millage is renewed?

No.  This is a renewal, not a new millage, so your tax bill would stay the same.

How long will the renewal be in effect?

Ten years.  This millage renewal would go into effect starting with the 2022 summer tax bill, and it would be in effect through the 2031 tax year.

What happens if the millage does not pass?

The Library will have to reduce its budget and reduce library services accordingly. The Library receives almost all of its revenue from taxpayers: 2 mills in perpetuity, and this 2 mills that are renewable. If the 2 mills are not renewed, the Library would experience a 50 percent cut in tax revenue. This would reduce funds available for library services.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Bond

The renovation project is estimated at $27.6 million. The bond is only for $12.6 million. Where is the rest of the money coming from?

Donors are prepared to pay the rest.  The taxpayer portion of this project ($12.6 million) is less than half of the total because generous donors are prepared to pay for the remainder of the cost.  This reduces the amount that we must ask taxpayers to contribute.

How much will it cost me?

You can estimate the cost here.  The City Assessor’s Office is responsible for calculating the exact amount that will be on your property tax bill. For the sake of example, a home with a market value of $30,000 would have approximately $27 added to the tax bill each year for the Library bond.

Does the bond revenue become part of the City of Flint budget?

No. These dollars would go directly to the Library, which is independent from the City. If the bond passes, the money can only be used to complete the Library renovation.

Is this an expansion of the library?

No. We are renovating within the same four walls. By making better use of the space we have on all three floors, we are able to add 16,000 square feet of public space without changing the footprint of the building.

Would it be less expensive to build a new building?

No.  Our board evaluated the option of building a new facility as well as renovating our existing building.  It would have cost more to build a new building, which is why the board voted in favor of renovation.

Will the Library be open during the renovation?

During most of it, yes.  The process of moving out and then moving back in is quite complex.  The Library will be closed for approximately two months to pack up and move into a temporary facility (location to be determined).  We will be closed for roughly the same amount of time to pack up and move back into our renovated facility.  The Library will be open to the public at our temporary location during the rest of the construction process.

What will change in the renovated Library?

The short answer: everything!  The entire interior will be renovated.  Some of the significant changes include:

  • Doubling our children’s space
  • Doubling our tech learning space
  • Two-thirds more space for local history and genealogy
  • 6 study rooms, 9 meeting rooms and 4 classrooms
  • Making an additional 16,000 sq. ft. available to the public through reconfiguration of existing space
  • All new systems and facilities (heating, cooling, electrical, plumbing, elevators, rest rooms, windows)

When will the renovated Library be open?

We are targeting late summer 2021.  Right now, our schedule calls for the construction to be completed by June 2021.  We would move into the space and open for service sometime in August 2021.




OPN Architects will be previewing the design with the public prior to the November 5 vote. Please drop in during one of these open houses to see the design, explore a 3D flythrough, and ask any questions you might have.

All meetings will be held at Flint Public Library (1026 E. Kearsley Street). Sign language interpreter provided.

Wednesday, August 21

Thursday, September 19

Tuesday, October 1

Tuesday, October 29