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Frequently Asked


Q: Can I reach you while you are closed?

A: Yes. Our telephones and email will be working most of the time during our closure. Please call us at 810-232-7111 or email

Q: Where can I return books and items I’ve checked out?

A: Your return options vary, depending on the date. The dropbox outside Courtland Center Entrance A will remain available through January 29, 2022. The dropbox at Kearsley Street will reopen on January 4, 2022. After January 29, please return all materials to the Kearsley Street location.

Q: Will Friends of the Library have book sales while the Library is under construction?

A: The Friends may have limited sales but not at the library. Check their Facebook page for details.

Q: Will Friends of the Library continue to accept used books?

A: Perhaps. Check their Facebook page for details.

Q: What is the best way for me to stay updated on what’s happening?

A: Please visit and/or use the sign-up form on the right to receive our email updates. We will be posting all information here, so it will be the most comprehensive and timely source of news.